Too Much Trigger Finger?

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The proper position for your finger on the trigger: with the trigger shoe located just before your trigger finger’s first distal joint. Otherwise you run the risk of pulling the gun out of alignment, usually to the right. This has been another helpful shooting tip from your friends at Because Guns.

The Women of the AR-15 [NSFW]

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Ah, the AR-15. AR standing for ArmaLite, the company that invented the now all-conquering platform. AR does not stand for “America’s Rifle,” as some would have you believe. Although, let’s go with that. And let’s celebrate the fact that the soft-shooting, stock-adjustable rifles have brought millions of women into the firearms fold. And let’s celebrate that fact in pictures and video . . .

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Hickock45 Shoots the Ruger SR762 Without A Scope (For Some Reason)

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I admire anyone who can shoot a long way accurately free hand using iron sights. Good for them! Awesome! But there’s a reason people invented scopes and red dots and TrackingPoint-style automated firing systems. To make it easier to hit the damn target. If you’re long way off, use all that stuff and, preferably, a proper sniper rifle. Right tool for the job and all that. And no, I’m not calling myself a tool. That’s your job.

Sometimes Smaller Is Better…

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I like small things. Not necessarily for parts of anatomy, but when it comes to rifles smaller is better in my opinion. Take the humble MP5, for example. A 16 inch barrel just looks awful, and it makes the gun much more uncomfortable to use. Smaller, lighter is best. Want some more proof? Here you go!

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