Engraved 1911s: Because Perfect Isn’t Good Enough

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(courtesy engravingtransfers.com)

engravingtransfers.com says “This fabulously engraved firearm has won the ‘Howard Dove Award’, and the Judge’s Award for ‘Best Weapon – 1946 to Present’, and was revealed to the pubic for the first time in Denver, Colorado, at the Colt Collectors Show on October 5, 2012.” That pesky “l” will get you every time. Here’s some more engraved 1911 gun porn . . .


John Moses Browning would be appalled. Or honored. Or both.

The view from behind is always a pleasure. But especially so, here.

(courtesy reigelgunengraving.com)

Bottoms up!

(courtesy gunauction.com)

That’s not going to turn out well for the ram.

(courtesy americastelan.com)

 .38 caliber so . . . no.

(courtesy jfrenchgunengraver.com)

I’m so fancy, You already know . . .

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