Fully Clothed Gun Girls!

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We’ve had complaints about our galleries of scantily-clad women with guns. In the interest of decorum, we present this selection of fully-clothed women holding firearms. For those of you who take Billy Idol’s song Flesh of Fantasy to heart, don’t worry: we know our brand demands more than this. I mean less. Meanwhile, use your imagination. Here’s some more demurity . . . [h/t ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com]

good lord

A smile is just a frown turned upside down. Anyway, that’s not what I’d call a stock photo.

Extrra amo

I can’t recoil a more beautiful scattergun siren.


D’oh! I could’ve had a V8!


The sweet smile of ballistic bliss.

She could kill you just by looking at you.

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