Jessie Duff is a Professional Shooter. And We Love Her for It. Professionally Speaking.

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Taurus makes OK guns, with a couple of awesome exceptions. Here come da Judge, here come da Judge! We can forgive the Brazilians (heh) anything for paying Jessie Duff to walk this earth, shooting at targets in front of the general public. As for all the rest of the companies supporting her shooting career, OK, you win. Shut up and take my money. If we were animated, we’d be drinking Duff beer. There’s only one thing wrong with Jessie: she’s married. Speaking of Rick Springfield, does Jessie have a girlfriend? More pics this way please . . .

Jessi Duff (courtesy

You’re kidding me!

Jessie Duff (courtesy

OK, I’ve got a gun in my hand. I’m happy now.

Wet T-shirt? Seriously? Seriously.

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