Sometimes Smaller Is Better…

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I like small things. Not necessarily for parts of anatomy, but when it comes to rifles smaller is better in my opinion. Take the humble MP5, for example. A 16 inch barrel just looks awful, and it makes the gun much more uncomfortable to use. Smaller, lighter is best. Want some more proof? Here you go!


See my point?

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  • Wilhelmina
    January 19, 2017

    I know! It is upsetting, isn’t it? I do observe a lot of children struggling to stay awake. Especially on the subway as they travel between schools. Last week I was working at a coffee sh9p across the street from my apartment and a high school girl came in with her sckoolboohs, ordered a tea, and promptly passed out and slept with her head on the table for three hours! I felt so terrible, but honestly glad she was getting sleep.

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