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Pinterest is a treasure trove of gun girls. Because Guns salutes the surfing skills of pinterested peeps looking for ballistic babes with this gallery of gun girls from the site that keeps on giving. Here some more our faves . . .

back (courtesy

Jo-Jo was a man who thought he was a woman. Anyway, holster options are small for this Deagle carrying woman; we appreciate her commitment.


If that’s a rat she’s looking at it’s doomed. Meanwhile, we’re SCARred for life.


Always keep your gun pointed in a safe erection. I mean, direction.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand about bottle blonds . . . nope can’t think of one. She’s A-O-AK.


The world’s most fascinating hand guard. There! No there! Jeez . . .


Abs-solutely gorgeous.


Black tops are all the rage these days, apparently.


Trigger disciplineĀ is SO important! Camouflage too.

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