We Heart Holsters

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A woman named faliaphotorgaphy created the above video to help women sort through their choices for concealed carry. And don’t think for a minute she didn’t! FP ripped our friends at TTAG a new one when they suggested her video had a certain salacious appeal. Perish the thought. Anyway, you gotta carry your gun in a holster (public service message completed). And we love gun-filled holsters on women. Especially attractive women. Does that make us a bad person, collectively? No it doesn’t. Women who pack heat are strong, independent and dead sexy. You know, if they are. And these ones are . . .

Undertech holster (gundigest.com)

That’s gotta be a difficult draw. A woman wearing this Undertech Underwear holster shirt thingie has to reach across her body and under her shirt, release the velcro safety strap and then remove the pistol. Still, practice makes perfect. Besides, if looks could kill this woman wouldn’t need a gun. And I mean that in both senses of the word “look.”

Bullseye holster (courtesy plego.info)

This young lady seems a lot more chill than the ice queen above. I reckon her Bullseye concealment holster should have a slight backwards cant if she’s going to wear it so far forward on her torso. But I can’t complain about the ease of draw or the model’s pre-draw trigger finger placement. God that sounds sexy.

Laura Croft (cpourtesy larraider.com)

I think thigh holsters are a pretty stupid way to carry unless you’re an operator operating operationally in an operative environment. Then again a woman’s carry options are pretty limited when she’s wearing Ranger panties and a skin-tight top. As for the New York reload aspect of Ms. Croft/Jolie’s rig — carrying a second gun instead of extra ammo — I dunno. That’s quite a weight penalty; those big ass guns must chafe and weigh a girl down after a while. Sorry. Did I ruin it for you? I bet I didn’t.

The Ava inside-the-waistband holster is brought to you by the same people who make the Flash Bang bra holster — famous for an incident where a wearer shot herself to death. I wonder how the Ava works when a snake-hipped young lady like this sits down. Mind you, I think it’s a great look for strolling around open carrying: strangely bulbous but beautiful.

Raquel Welch (courtesy pinterest.com)

Raquel Welch was the sexiest woman on planet earth roughly one million years ago. This photo captures her firearms-friendly feminine wiles for all time. And you know what I said about thigh holsters? Forget it.

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