Where Do You Hide YOUR Gun?

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Harley gun


Hardly the best place to carry on a Harley. A shoulder holster would be my first choice. Here are some other options for hidden storage . . .

(courtesy pinterest.com)

Book ’em Dano!

(courtesy alloutdoor.com)

The antis say gun owners are shelfish. True?

(courtesy prepare-and-protect.net)

Time’s up bad guys! (Long live the S&W 686!)

Clock (courtesy gunslot.com)

Happy hands!

coat rack (courtesy alloutdoor.com)

Not my first choice for a home defense shotgun, but better than a sharp stick. Get a pump and bring new meaning to the words “coat rack.”

(courtesy stashvault.com)

Gun control? Let’s table that motion!

(courtesy houzz.com)

Stairway to heaven – for the bad guy. (And yes, those are shoes. Use you imagination. Jeez.)

(courtesy dailykos.com)

An oldie but a goodie.

bed (courtesy stashvault,com)

Not the quickest access but . . . zzzz.

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  • Red Dawn
    September 10, 2015

    Just imagine some kids your cousin brought for thanksgiving fooling around and randomly finding one of Uncle Redeye’s hidden boomsticks…

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