We Heart Holsters

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A woman named faliaphotorgaphy created the above video to help women sort through their choices for concealed carry. And don’t think for a minute she didn’t! FP ripped our friends at TTAG a new one when they suggested her video had a certain salacious appeal. Perish the thought. Anyway, you gotta carry your gun in a holster (public service message completed). And we love gun-filled holsters on women. Especially attractive women. Does that make us a bad person, collectively? No it doesn’t. Women who pack heat are strong, independent and dead sexy. You know, if they are. And these ones are . . .

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Michal Idan: Smoking Hot and Tacticool

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Israeli Supermodel Michal Idan has a thing for Agilite gear. Why wouldn’t she? The company makes kit for the Israeli Defense Forces, from backpacks to plate carriers to helmet covers to portable litters. In the picture above, there’s more Idan than Agilite, but we’re not complaining. Are you? If not, you’re ready to make the jump for more images from our exclusive photo shoot . . .

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8 Best Guns for Women – Period

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“When it comes to choosing the best gun [for a woman living alone], it all depends on how comfortable you are with the weapon,” guncarrier.com asserts. “The weight and the fit of the gun are all distinguishing factors that can help you decide on whether or not that particular gun is perfect for you.” Huh? What about caliber? Size? Action? And is there a different list for women who live with men? Or other women? Or a large dog? The worst problem: GC offers a list of “the most well-known guns for women” (Springfield 1911?) without any more pictures of women! Let’s rectify that, shall we, with a list of eight great guns for gals, no matter what their living arrangements . . .

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Behind the Scenes Hot Shots Calendar 2016

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That’s not the screen grab I’d choose for the static image of the Hot Shots Calendar 2016. Why? Because guns! Obvs. Equally obvious: girls on film (video) are more attractive than the heavily retouched images on the actual calendar. Still, the cartoon aesthetic is all the rage what with Marvel movies making millions. I only wish we could have seen a “making of” video with . . . guns! Know what I mean? Hint: stick around for the out-takes.

Fully Clothed Gun Girls!

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We’ve had complaints about our galleries of scantily-clad women with guns. In the interest of decorum, we present this selection of fully-clothed women holding firearms. For those of you who take Billy Idol’s song Flesh of Fantasy to heart, don’t worry: we know our brand demands more than this. I mean less. Meanwhile, use your imagination. Here’s some more demurity . . . [h/t ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com]

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Too Much Trigger Finger?

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The proper position for your finger on the trigger: with the trigger shoe located just before your trigger finger’s first distal joint. Otherwise you run the risk of pulling the gun out of alignment, usually to the right. This has been another helpful shooting tip from your friends at Because Guns.

Saints Fan?

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Like all NFL stadiums, you can’t carry in the Superdome. Still, we like the sentiment.