Random Squirt Gun Assault. Fair Enough?

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Actually, it’s not random. The gentlemen challenging strangers to a squirt gun battle on a California beach is targeting bikini-clad babes. It’s telling that very few of them wait until the end of the five-second countdown. It tells me that women are more than prepared to defend their tans against an imminent threat of inappropriate hydration.

The bit that rankles: the gun they’re provided is a single-shot squirt gun while the attacker gets a similar weapon and a serious blaster as a backup.

Lesson learned: it ain’t over until the bad guy assumes beach temperature.

Guns of Terminator Genisys

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Emilia Clarke (courtesy comingsoon.com)

Emilia Clarke as Sara Connor gets to grips with some SBR machine gun action, indicating (if indication were needed) that Terminator Genisys will have plenty of firearms action. Let’s just hope there’ll be none of that “don’t kill anyone” BS from T2. More guns? Right this way . . .

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Sicario Looks Sick

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We haven’t see a really good tense firearms-intensive movie since, I dunno, Saving Private Ryan? No Country for Old Men? Sicario could be that flick. To be Blunt, it could be sexy too. A strong, sexy, gun-toting female lead would be just the thing to recover from Inside Out‘s sickly, will someone please shoot sadness already sweetness. We shall see . . .