Firegild Firearms’ Ballistic Bedazzling

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You know what your pocket pistol needs? Jewels! Sapphires, garnets, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, in no particular order, but with proper placement. Firegild Exclusive (of course) Firearms is ready to help you bedazzle that ballistic bad boy – OK, pocket pistol. Check out their work . . .


I think Firegild’s referring to Marie Antoinette’s famous (though fictitious) pronouncement re: the Parisian peasants’ starvation. A message which did much to ensure the decapitation of her lover and a lot of other members of the French bourgeoisie. So maybe it’s not the best caption ever for super-rich Americans who want to at least appear somewhat egalitarian. Unless! Unless Firegild’s referring to the drug “cake”: the made-up substance that exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-drug types. Which would make the caption post-modern ironic. Or something. But not entirely stupid.

Firegild Champagne (courtesy

Continuing the food and drink theme . . . This Firegild-modded Smith & Wesson 642 isn’t gold! It’s been Cerakoted champagne-color before bedazzling. Cute, but not cute enough, Mr. Bond.

Firegild Browning Compact 1911 (courtesy

See now me I would have kept that whole luxury food and drink thing going by creating a Compact chocolate-colored Browning .22. Especially as it says “Black Label” right there on the slide. Anyway, flower power! And you know what? I’m beginning to think these guns are phonies. I reckon the jewels are fakes. Which is probably a good idea – given the likelihood of one or more flying off shortly after primer ignition.


Yeah, they’re phonies. Maybe not the diamond. But the rest for sure. At least this one seems to have genuine gold parts. Or gold-colored.


Colt Mustang I believe? Not sure how I feel about that big ass gold screw making the diamond encircled jewel look small. Actually I do. It’s hideous. But the gun itself isn’t. Much. The bottom line: Firegild is WAY too restrained in all this. As our pals at TTAG point out, these guns are a long way from tacky enough to appeal to Mexican drug lords. Keep working on it girl! As Elvis – a man not unfamiliar with the awesomeness of bedazzling – advised: follow that dream wherever that dream may lead. Just remember drug lords are notoriously finicky. Know what I mean?

  • Justa Guy
    July 26, 2015

    What heterosexual male would carry one of these? These are almost too girly to be a girl gun?


    • hangfire
      July 26, 2015

      Hey, don’t knock vajazzling til you’ve tried it.

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