I Call Shotgun! [NSFW]

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(courtesy pinterest.com)

Double-bareled, There’s got to be some cheeky clever pun in there somewhere. Meanwhile, here’s some more shorty totty . . .

(courtesy calguns.net)

Eva Mendez gets mendacious with a Benelli.

Topless (courtesy ramthesunlover.com)

What the hell is that optic?

(courtesy freecodessource.com)

What could possibly go wrong?

(courtesy dobermandan.com)

One should always try to conserveĀ one’s ammo supply. If you know what I mean . . .

(courtesy film.com)

How do I get those shells onĀ the top of the gun into the chamber? Anyone? Bueller?

(courtesy piclist.com)

Your guess is as good as mine.

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