Women and Guns, A Look Back

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Historical (courtesy theswissrifledotcomemesssageboard.yuku.com)

There may be images of scantily-clad women holding guns that pre-date Hugh Hefner (which would be a LONG time ago). But we can’t find any. Which is no big deal. Women and guns are sexy. Full stop. Here’s some images of gun-totin’ gals from our collective ballistic past . . .

Eleanor Rossevelt (curtesy rebloggy.com)

Tommy gun, trigger discipline, a safe full of cash and a cute smile. What’s not to love?

(courtesy dreamstime.com)

As Wallace said to Gromit, one for the album.


In-your-face flapper.

viva mexico

Viva Mexico!

Schietsport. Vrouwen met pistool in de aanslag: dames-kampioenen team van de universiteits-schietclub van Missouri. [1934]. Sports. Shooting. Women with their pistols at the ready: ladies champions team of the Missouri University shooting club. [1934].

Germany 1934. How great is that?


Not as great as this.

Victory Corps!


The Swedish way.

A female officer in charge of the range at the Hen women's corps camp near Tel Aviv, Palestine, gives a demonstration in the handling of a Sten gun on June 15, 1948 in the Arab-Israeli War.  Although non-combatants, members the new women's Army in Israel are taught to use guns for defense.  (AP Photo)

Isreal for the win!


Muzzle discipline. It’s a thing. Now anyway.


On campus, no less.

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